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What is going on in the Islands that you would like to blog about? Anything on your mind that you would like to share? Feel free to post it here for discussion.



  1. I find the battle of wits between the Grand Isle fire department and the select board members to include supporting attorneys, entertaining.The conflict between the two immature behavior groups on “Who is going to win the power” is embarrassing, to see mature individuals disputing who has what rights, they are choosing to neglect the NEED of this new building and the safety of said residence.Thankfully I am not a resident of Grand Isle but I see the need and wants of the community in the two different votes.
    Common sense would dictate that the funds and plans were approved by the select board members, than the voters and that the fire department would have the station constructed in accordance with those guidelines.
    I hope there is no need for a new fire house or station but that is not the reality, I wonder who will attend to a fire: the select board members or the volunteer fire department? Lets hope it never comes to that choice
    I am waiting with baited breath for the next installment on the “NEW GRAND ISLE FIRE STATION SAGA”.

  2. I just saw my first crime watch addition. Thank you. While it is clear there is little going on in the islands its still comforting to know what there is. I guess I feel that we all have an obligation to keep our eyes open especially in todays times. And in turn the sheriff should feel free to ask us for help if its needed. It can work two ways. Thanks again, Dave

  3. I have some photos to share….how do I submit those?

    • Jeanie,
      Just submit them to me john@vermont.net and I will upload them to the site. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.


  4. Now there is a serious stir preventing the Dollar Store because it will discourage second homes being build and bringing in people paying top dollar (no pre-bate) on their property taxes, I wish to add my suggestion. If we were to make North Hero an “aduts only island town” as an experiment, we might see an huge influx of rich out of staters who have even more money because they have no kids! Wow, then they could pay even more. If it worked for North Hero, we could make Isle La Motte next and then maybe all of Grand Isle County. Vermonters do not need cheap goods and with all these rich people moving in we could invite the likes of Nieman Marcus to set up shop instead of the Dollar Store! The great ideas just keep coming and coming.

  5. As a former Grand Isle Consolidated Water District commissioner I will not be voting for passage of the bond to install a granular activated charcoal filter to resolve the State and Federal requirements for reducing our disinfection by-products. I have several reasons for my decision including but not restricted to its’ financial imprudence.

    I believe that while granular activated charcoal is a viable alternative to the use of monochloramines, it represents a cost of three times that of monochloramine. Its’ preference by the board of the GICWD is based on unsubstantiated suppositions of future regulations. It is also influenced by a well-organized campaign against the use monochloramine by political action groups outside of this community who’s’ claims are unsubstantiated by any medical, health or scientific evidence. Considering the resources that this community will be demanding from its’ tax and ratepayers in the coming years, I believe we should be spending those resources wisely and carefully. While GAC is a viable alternative, I believe that it is a luxury that this community can ill afford at this time. Perhaps when the initial bond for the GICWD is retired, the Board can return to this issue. But at the current time we should be proceeding slowly and carefully in the outlay our resources.

    William Ryan

  6. I need a person to do a camp “turn-over” on Sat. during the summer.
    Attention to detail and some experience.
    About 2-3 hours from 10-1.
    I pay well.
    House is off Clay point road — it is uncluttered and clean.
    Thank you.

  7. I don’t always get to see the Islander every week, for lots of reasons, sorry.
    I was wondering if anyone remembers articles about the re-striping of route 2 by Kibbie point rd?
    It seems that it was just done not too long ago and now it has been done again.

    Mike lavery

  8. Would like to sell my camp at Sunset Cove, in Grand Isle, VT. Call at: 802-871-9006, or e-mail at: nosey239@yahoo.com

  9. I would like to purchase a subscription to this paper

    • the paper is free. If you are not local it is available at lakechamplainislander.com

  10. Buying New Car, Truck or SUV?
    PUBLISHED Bill Labonte • labontesellscars@yahoo.com • Wilfred’s Way, Grand Isle

    To all my new Friends and neighbors,

    Have you ever that you had someone in the automobile industry that you could trust? Someone available to answer your questions without all of the typical sales tactics.

    Someone that would rather earn your business than try to sell you something.Well, I would like for you to consider me that someone. My name is Bill LaBonte and I have been earning the business of people like you for years.

    Most people dread car shopping and have a great fear of entering a dealership, some with good reason. I am sure that you have either had a bad experience or know someone who has. I myself have had a few bad experiences long before I decided to enter the car business.Because of those experiences combined with strong values and business ethics,I treat my customers totally different and I am extending you the same high quality treatment.

    I am asking nothing more than the opportunity to become your friend in the automobile business. i look forward to hearing from you soon and will do everything I can to earn your business or answer any questions you may have. So if you, or someone you know, are looking for help give me a call. I can be reached at 802-865-8109 or labontesellscars@yahoo.com Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Warm Regards,
    Bill LaBonte
    Your friend and neighbor in the automobile business.

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